Monday, August 4, 2008

new to this...

Hello everyone!

Matt and I are new to blogging, but are excited about joining in on the fun. We recently bought our first house. We closed on May 30th and have been living here for just about 2 months officially now. I will be posting some pictures of it soon.

Last weekend we spent 4 days visiting the Robinsons at their new home in DC. We were excited to see the way that they are working in their new ministries in their new church home. They have so many exciting things happening.

I am excited to begin my new school year as a sixth grade math and science teacher. The kids first day is August 25th, but I have my first work day on August 14th. It is exciting to get to know all my new coworkers as well as transition to teaching middle school kids. I can't wait for it all. Matt has been busy with work projects and keeping up with all of our new house projects now that we have a yard to take care of watering, mowing, and my personal favorite weeding...haha!

With love,

The DeJongs

We were pink waved by Element on Wednesday. We came home to a yard full of flamingos. It was quite entertaining!