Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A whirlwind summer so far!

The first month of summer break has gone by so fast. I went up to Michigan for three weeks to be a part of all the wedding happenings for my little sis Beka and my bff Nicki. I was able to go to Nicki's bachelorette party which was a lovely day on the beach and then a fun dinner and sleepover. It was fun to have a sleepover...I can't remember the last time I had one:)

For my sister's bachelorette party the following weekend, we went to Cedar Point and then went bowling and spent the night at a hotel. It was also a ton of fun!

Of course, while I was in Michigan, I had a lot of time to spend with family. It was awesome to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and his birthday was a couple of days before that. We had a picnic at a state park in Michigan and went walking and visited one of my childhood favorites...the petting zoo!

I was so excited when Matt finally joined me in Michigan for the third week. I've decided that two weeks is a really long time to be away! It was so good to have him back again:) He also got to attend Nicki's wedding and he was in my sister's wedding as well.

Both of the weddings were beautiful. I had a lot of fun being in both Beka and Nicki's weddings. It's an honor to be able to stand up in their weddings to support both of them. Here are some pictures.

When we got home from Michigan, we recooperated for a week and then decided that we were going to get that new puppy I'd been hoping for. She is a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi and we named her Riley. She is 13 weeks old. Her and Dilbert are becoming friends. She likes to chew on him and he doesn't exactly love all the attention yet. But I am sure he will come to appreciate it:)