Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Other Side

I went for a chilly jog this morning. The crisp air and icy spots along the path had me taking my time along my run. I stopped for a quick minute for this picture. It's so interesting how perspective changes everything. Now that I consider myself a southern girl, I hope its fair to say after living in NC for 8 years, this kind of weather makes me want to bunker up and avoid the outdoors. This same sort of view used to have me thinking of the warm days soon approaching when I lived in the north. The snow and ice slowly melting away made the promise of spring around the corner.
I have been in a season of waiting for what seems like a very long time. I know all of us go through these dry seasons. They wear you out, leave your seeking, and even make you grow weary. Thinking of perspectives on my run this morning was such an encouragement in this time of waiting.

Every story has more than one perspective. I am in the waiting and it's frustrating to me. On the other hand, God has my undivided attention. I pray fervently that I seek my savior with each step I take. These times are probably, from a heavenly perspective, are when I am most in communion with the Lord serve.

I pray that wherever you are today, waiting in a low valley, at the mountain top, or somewhere in between you seek the perspective of our heavenly Father. He has put you where you need to be. Seek after Him and you will be richly blessed with His love.