Monday, September 10, 2012

A Thousand Gifts

Just before Asher was born, I decided I was going to try to read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. That idea came and went because Asher was born the next day so I have been reading bit by bit as I find a little time here and there! The major point I have taken from the read so far is to be thankful for the little things in your life each day.

I have decided to start my own list of a thousand gifts God has given me. Each week, I am going to attempt to post a few of the most memorable ones for me. Although this is a challenging time in my life to find the time to sit and think about these things, I think that it's even more important to cherish the little moments of beauty.

1. Morning sun peeking through the bedroom window
2. Taking the time to live fully in a moment
3. Levi's excited squeal "Daddy's home!"
4. Little hugs on an elevator
5. My Bible and morning coffee
6. Our parents prioritizing spending time with us and their grandchildren
7. My husband's call to check on my after a long sleepless night.
8. Peaceful morning walks with my boys.
9. Snuggling with Asher
10. Meals from gracious friends