Sunday, September 13, 2009

All the New Beginnings

I am now about a month into the fourth year of my teaching career. My classes are really large this year with at least 30 kids in each class. I teach four classes of 6th grade science. This year is going really well in our beautiful new building and my huge science lab classroom. It feels bigger than some of my college science lab classes! My little sixth graders are finally adjusting to using lockers and getting to class on time. They are adorable...I love them:)

Matt just got back from a trip to New York for business. He has been working hard and still enjoying Pepsi very much. He is starting to look into the process of starting grad school next fall. While he has been busy with this, I have started the giant process of working on my national board certification.

My sister moved down to NC again and I am SO excited. We have been spending some good quality time together. We are sad that her husband, Bart, already had to leave for military training though. We will be excited when he returns again.

Today we (Matt, Beka, and I) went to a church called Vintage 21. We went to a concert there a while ago with our good friends the Bennetts but now returned for our first Sunday. We really liked it and are going to continue. We have missed having a close church family and it feels like there are so many ways to get involved and connected there.

The most exciting new beginning for us is that we are ecstatic to say that we are expecting a baby, due March 26th. I am now in my 13th week, nearing the end of the first trimester. We are hoping that the symptoms of the first trimester soon too shall pass. I have been able to work through it until this week, I had to cave and get some prescription anti-nausea medicine this week. It seems to help a little bit but it wasn't the magical pill I was expecting it to be...haha. All of this is overlooked when I think about all the joy to come with our little one. We plan on finding out whether we are having a boy or girl and will post it as we find out. I know I can hardly wait to find out :)