Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring Break started a little bit earlier for me while Matt had to continue working to support the family...ya know. I headed out for balmy Brighton, Michigan on an early Saturday morning at 6:00 AM. Once I landed my mom and sis were waiting for me at the airport and we headed out to get my sisters wedding shower cake and preparations were underway for her shower.

During the shower we played a very humorous game of the soon to be wed game. This is a picture of my sister having to cram 15 gumballs in her mouth after answering a question wrong!

After spending some time with my wonderful family and my bff Nicki I headed home at 3:45 the following Thursday, Matt picked me up and we were off to Washington D.C. We spend Thursday night and Friday with my aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, and grandpa in Falls Church, VA. We hadn't seen my aunt's family since our wedding so it was awesome to get a chance to catch up and spend time together. We had a lot of fun:)

On Friday night we headed to our friends' house in D.C. to spend the rest of the weekend. The Robinsons are wonderful hosts. We spent time reconnecting with our old small group which was us, the Robinsons, and the Bennetts. We had a lot of fun sight-seeing, eating yummy food, playing games, and celebrating Easter at Mosaic Church in D.C. Here are some pictures of us out on the mall and hanging out with friends.

P.S. Gracy is cute and has become my second favorite dog to Dilbert:)

Until next time... dah...dah....dahhhhhhh