Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hang on Mama!

Have you ever had one of those days? I have just encountered one! The boys and I had good days at school and then BAM...trouble strikes. Levi has been experiencing some problems using the potty in the past few days. I will not go into great detail but after spending a good 10 minutes on my doctor's nurse advice line, it was revealed to me that this is normal. It can be a three year olds way of demonstrating their control. "You can't make me go!" kind of deal. The problem is that he is causing himself restless nights and obviously he just doesn't feel well :(

You would think that I could go into this situation, being informed by the nurse of how to combat this problem, with a clear and calm will. He gave me every one of his best shots. Refusing to eat the prunes, crying and screaming about coming within a few feet of the bathroom, he even told me that "I was not his best friend AT ALL!" That hurts when your babe tells you that! Although, I remained rather calm about the situation at the time, I had a very disgruntled heart.

You have no idea how much I wanted to take back my no facebook or tv pledge for this month! I wanted to ask for advice or just plop Levi in front of a show to distract him from the problem at hand. Then, it hit me, this is hard and working through real life problems can be just that. Escaping is not the answer. Committing to stay the course and rely on my heavenly Father is the only true way to parent. Not "escaping" through my usual avenues.

I also kept running a line from a book I recently read by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae called "Desparate...Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe" through my head. Sally had been having quite a day with her children. Her husband came home and she began to pour it all on him and ask why will they just not be obedient. He responded by telling her they will probably stop sinning whenever she learns how to.

Oh yeah, good reminder to me! I may not express my sin the same way but holding an angry heart at my child for his dilemma is just as sinful. I am also running our preschool Bible Verse on auto replay in my brain. "Cast all your care upon him; for her cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

I'm hanging on to this experiment but it feels like only by a thread today!

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